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Welcome to Fletcher Fuzzy Friends where our friends becomes fuzzy Family

Welcome to Fletcher Fuzzy Friends!

We are so happy you found us! We are a small, loving, in-home, family breeder. We do this because we love it. Our dogs have brought so much happiness to our home and we love watching our puppies bring happiness to others by bringing joy, laughter and warming hearts and homes with love and companionship. We also love working together, as a family, to raise puppies. We all take part with the puppies and mama and daddy dogs in some way. We are an active family that loves to do lots of different things together.
We are passionate about our dogs and about every single puppy born here! Each puppy we raise becomes a huge part of our family and is raised as if it were our own. We carefully nurture, train, and raise puppies to be lifetime family members destined for your loving home. Our puppies are always with us and are well socialized with many people of all ages and with our other dogs.  They hear family noises, smell the smells of cooking and are constantly included and watched over and loved. We also have a bonus room, or a dedicated puppy nursery in the center of our home where we have lots of playtime and exposures of different items and tovs. etc. We don't use our garage.

Our Home is Your Home

Our fuzzy friends are more than just pets - they are family. That's why we believe in providing a warm and welcoming environment for our puppies. Our home is
their home, and we take pride in creating a safe, healthy, and happy space for them to grow and thrive We invite you to come and meet our pupples, and experience the love and joy they bring to our home

Health, Temperament & Structure

Our dogs are all OFA tested and genetically (DNA) tested and screened for potential inherited diseases. We only breed dogs that pass these qualifications. 

Lots of consideration and planning takes place before breeding any parents to ensure parents are compatable and our puppies are of excellent health, great temperament as well as beautiful.

We give a 2 year health guarantee. 

The Puppy Culture & ENS

All our puppies are raised using Puppy Culture and BAB Protocols. These are professional and proven training courses, starting at birth, that dramatically shapes a puppy's personality, intelligence, demeanor, and health.

After puppies "graduate" from ENS, we do a daily 10 step handling that is specific for their age. This is important as puppies are handled (age appropriately) they become comfortable with it and are more patient and tolerant to touch, grooming, etc. the rest of their lives. We also teach and encourage you to continue to do it especially the first 16 weeks of life.

Why a Cavapoo or toy poodle.

  • Nearly hypoallergenic/nearly non-shedding
  • Affectionate & gentle
  • Smart & easy to train
  • Get along great with other pets and people
  • Many have proven to be great therapy and service dogs
  • Great in all types of weather
  • Moderate activity level
  • Attention-grabbing beauty (be prepared to be stopped and asked about your goldendoodle or cavapoo wherever you go!)
Small In-Home Breeder with Quality Puppies

At Fletcher Fuzzy Friends, we are passionate about bringing joy to families through our healthy and
adorable puppies. Our small in-home breeding program allows us to provide individualized attention to each puppy, ensuring that they are well-socialized and ready to join their new families. We also offer a range of dog accessorles, grooming products, and toys to help your furry friend live their best life. Our mission is to provide high-quality and loving homes
for our puppies, and we can't walt to help you find your new family member.

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